The original version of the app support only .rvt file type. I think it will be useful to add supports to other file types.

What it does

This app exports 3D data files in your BIM 360 account into Excel spreadsheets. Currently, it supports the following file types:

  • .rvt
  • .f3d
  • .iam

How I built it

This app is derived from the open source version of the Export to Excel which is built with node.js. All the required elements are in the existing codes. I just need to understanding and working with the BIM 360 and Forge API to extend the original app.

Challenges I ran into

3D design is new thing to me. Working with API that speaks unfamiliar terminology is a challenge to me.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud of that I manage to finish the app and submit the project.

What I learned

BIM 360 API and Forge are new to me. I have learnt the viewer, data management and model derivative APIs.

What's next for BIM 360 Excel Exporter Plus

In future version, more file types will be supported. Besides Excel format, additional output formats will be added.

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