BIM 360 Account Data Export

Autodesk BIM 360 has ushered in a revolution in the AEC industry. The cloud-based platform offers unprecedented conveniences for the industry by accelerating project delivery through improved collaboration. Cloud-based technologies have seen almost an exponential growth in the recent times. Hybrid cloud adoption has reached 57% from 19% just a year ago. An average corporation uses around 1,500 different cloud services. Annual global expenditure on the cloud will increase by a CAGR of 19.4% till 2019. BIM 360 takes full advantage of everything cloud has to offer. BIM 360 improves coordination through superfast communication. With it, office and site will never go out of sync. In the pre-BIM 360 era, if accessibility meant working on a construction project on a computer, with BIM 360, it means working on the project anytime, anywhere, on any device. Before BIM 360, collaboration meant files moving back and forth between project professionals which involved time-consuming and error-prone uploads-downloads. With Autodesk BIM 360, everyone in the team has access to the most up-to-date version of a file, and no one is lagging behind. In the past, complex processes that required massive computing power ran on computers which had limited computing power and as a result, it introduced additional delays in a project. With BIM 360, you have virtually infinite computing power of the cloud. That means, what used to take minutes or even hours, now is going to take a fraction of a second. It ensures faster issue resolution through near-realtime communication. When issues are resolved quickly, risks are minimized. BIM 360 empowers every member of the team by giving them the means to contribute in all phases of the project, from conceptual design to commissioning and handover.

BIM 360 Account Data Export is a web app that exports BIM 360 account data as PDF. Each BIM 360 account contains valuable administration information which may be required in a variety of places and for a multitude of purposes, from board meetings to press conferences. The app requires Autodesk sign in. The user needs to enter the BIM 360 account id. The data is retrieved from Autodesk servers and then presented to the user. The user can save the data as PDF. The default PDF size is 1920mm x 1080mm. The PDF size is customizable. The app must be provisioned in the BIM 360 account for use. The app retrieves and exports projects, companies, users, and business units data in full. To ensure the best possible user experience, state-of-the-art technologies have been used both in the backend and the frontend. The app offers a comfortable, streamlined experience with strong security mechanisms which operate behind the scene. The help feature tells the user how to use the app. The provisioning feature guides the user in provisioning the app.

The app is going to become a must-have app for BIM 360 users due to its ease of use and smooth functioning. For BIM 360 administrators, it is necessary to keep track of all the activities and to do that it is necessary to keep track of the account data, more specifically, the projects, companies, users, and business units data. The job of an administrator is to make well-informed decisions. By putting the most important data at the fingertip of the administrator, BIM 360 Account Data Export ensures best practices are followed and nothing is left for surmise.

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