Too much math and thinking when trying to split a bill. Would be nice to easily split things the way you want. For example, the table orders a pitcher but 1 person drinks 3/4 of it and one person has the rest. He will be able to select to pay 75% of the pitcher.

What it does

User takes a photo of the receipt/bill and the items are parsed into Firebase. Everyone joins the 'room' and starts selecting the items they wish to pay for and how to split items.

How I built it

Android Studio, Algorithmia, Firebase

Challenges I ran into

Linking phones and having live updates show up on each phone

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learning new technologies like Firebase and it is the first time we built an app that has live dynamic updates.

What I learned

Firebase, networking phones so they connect to each other through a server

What's next for BillSplit

More functionality - saving IOUs, having friends spot each other via Paypal or Venmo

Built With

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