NOTE: Submission as of 12:00PM, I will try to keep pushing while juggling other commitments.

Join the Billionaire’s club for a chance to win $1 BILLION dollars every month!

Today I’d like to announce a new mobile phone based lottery called the Billionaire’s Club. Participants can download an the app on their iPhone and Android devices for their chance to win $1 BILLION. On the last day of each month, we will choose a random phone number. Simply answer the phone, and we will give you $1 BILLION dollars.

While you wait to BECOME a billionaire, we will make you FEEL like a Billionaire. Virtual tours, social media games, and other interactive and fun experiences will go along with the core lottery technology.

For the first interactive feature, I have built an app that provides tours of the homes and lives of billionaires using Virtual Reality and 360 degree video. Having engaging content will make participants feel better about spending the $4.99 to enter the contest, and will create word of mouthFurthermore, by showing what it’s like to live like a billionaire, participants will get excited about the prospect of becoming billionaires themselves.

The initial app has four options for interactive experiences: • Tour the home of a Billionaire – 360 Video of the home of a Billionaire • Take a trip on the yacht of a Billionaire – 360 Video of the boat of a Billioinaire • Vacation like a Billionaire – Videos of Vacation destinations. • What will you buy? Play a game with your social media contacts. I wonder what your friends would do with $1 Billion? Note: Some of the content can support advertising or sponsorships from Hotel chains, cruise lines, etc.

The app is a functional iOS app written natively in Objective-C. I have used pre-existing 360-degree video content in the current app, but the 360-degree video feature is fully functional, and ready for custom video content that can be easily captured. The website was built with Wix tools. This is OK for a hackathon timeframe, but the website will be re-written using high performance modern javascript libraries.

Future apps will include new casual gaming, and interesting social integrations. Here are some examples: • Social – We can implement social integrations like Snapchat lenses. For example, take a selfie with virtual diamonds and share with social networks to create viral growth. • Casual games – casual games like candy crush make up a huge share of time spent on phones. We can create clones of games like Candy Crush with Billionaire themes.

Registration process First the user will either download the free Billionaire Club app, or the $4.99 app which includes registration fee. Users of the free app, can still FEEL like a Billionaire and when they are ready to BECOME a billionaire, they can use an in-app purchase feature. After paying the $4.99 for entry into the lottery, the user will be asked to register their name and phone number. The user is not entered into contest until they register the name, phone number, and email address.

Crypto Currency Mining After spending a couple of hours working toward implementation of crypto currency mining from within the application, I came to the conclusion that there is more work than time available to implement this feature in a way that would support both iOS and Android. BitCoin’s SHA-256 based algorithm is a bit too complex to get good results from mobile devices. Scrypt based currencies show more promise for this application. Dogecoin, litecoin, and many other newer currencies support Scrypt algorithms.

Blockchain database Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, and others are launching Blockchain as a service offerings. It is possible to use these Blockchains (or others) to securely store registration data in a private blockchain.

Android implementation This initial hack focused on the iPhone because Apple’s submission timeframe is longer. When launching to the public, we will need to release the Apple app first so we can get through their approval process. All of the features in the app translate easily to Andoid device.

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