Inspiration: So I lost my entire life savings $15 million in Vegas a couple of months ago. Don't worry, I used a fake ID. Now I have to design a game to figure out how to win the money back, or my girlfriend will break up with me. See, the thing is I'm not American so I'll be charged with criminal demeanor in a Chinese court, so I'll probably have to serve a life sentence. I mean, I borrowed the money from Mao Zedong's descendants so if I don't pay it back I'm actually screwed. Maybe I should go to Korea to get some plastic surgery. I hear they're pretty good there. But I'm gonna WIN!!!!!

What it does: Emulates game to help me win back my money.

How I built it: With sheer intellectual genius and creativity. I'm going to become the next Bill Gates so that's to be expected.

Challenges I ran into: I don't run into challenges. I have a 190 IQ, come on guys.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: I'm proud of being the greatest man in existence.

What I learned: I already know everything. What is there to learn!?

What's next for Billiards: Well, we'll see if I can win or not. If not I'm gonna have to go into hiding.

~ Junlin Yi

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