Billiard stroke shooting is highly technical and requires smooth, swift and accurate motions. Inspired by the powerful sensing capabilities of wearable devices, we decided to design a smart-watch based sensing system to help users improve billiard playing skills.

What it does

Sense motions of the wrist, analyze sensor data to provide training suggestions.

How we built it

On the Android platform. We use Android wear to collect sensor data and use an Android phone to conduct computation and use interface

Challenges we ran into

Reliable data communications between the watch and the phone. Complex sensor data analysis that can provide easy to understand quantitative results to users.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Reliable data communication. Attractive UI design. New insights from sensor data analysis.

What we learned

Project management and cooperation skills.

What's next for Billiard Guru

A sound-based billiard ball ranging system.

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