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Splitting a restaurant bill after a meal with your friends is never the highlight of the evening -- figuring out a fair split would be overcomplicated. Our team wanted to find a way to simplify this process.

What it does

The user enters names of all of the people in their party. Then, the user either takes a picture of their bill or enters the items and prices in manually. If they choose to take a picture, it will automatically be converted into a list of items and prices. One by one, each person in the party will get to select which items on the list they are paying for. This allows for individual items, items split by just a few people, and items split by everyone. The user enters the tax amount and is prompted for a tip percentage. They are greeted with a screen that lists each person and the amount of the bill they should be paying.

How we built it

We built it using Android Studio and the Google Vision API.

Challenges we ran into

Android Studio was being very difficult for us -- we had trouble using version control and it seemed to create errors for no reason that involved standard libraries. We were not able to solve all of the issues by the code freeze, but we spent quite a lot of time debugging.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

One of our team members made a really nice logo for us which was pretty cool! This was a lot of our first times working with Android Studio, so we're proud that we were able to accomplish what we did in the given time. We also wrote this project mostly from scratch (except for the OCR API!)

What we learned

Android Studio is not the best choice for collaborating on an app. However, we did learn a lot about Android development and how to work together efficiently using Git.

What's next for BillBud

We plan to work out all of our issues and have a finished, working product eventually. The goal is to be able to deploy it to the Play Store and improve some lives!

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