I was inspired by the data science course that I took. It grabbed my interest in the uses of scraping data from websites. I also have another school project that I tried to use sms for, but it didn't work out, so this was another chance to try it.

What it does

You send a text to my twilio number with a genre of music. You will then receive a text telling you the number song from the genre for the week. It will also include the artist and how long it has been on the charts

How I built it

I used twilio api in order to use its features to enable communication through text. Then I used Jsoup to scrape the billboard webpages to grab the information for the number one songs. Spark is used as my local host.

Challenges I ran into

A challenge I ran into was getting the body of the incoming text in order to process the desired genre of music. There weren't any parameters it just came in as an extremely large string that I had to break up into the information I needed. I also wanted to send a audio clip with the song, but billboard doesn't have mp3 connected to each song. With lack of time and energy I did not resolve this issue.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud that I actually did a project of my own instead of just doing projects for other classes like I did during my past hackathons. I don't usually like to ask for help either, but I seeked the help of mentors and it helped me progress further into my project. Lastly, I'm proud that I showed up, even though I came alone and I stayed until I had a functioning project.

What I learned

I learned how to use different API's. I learned that asking for help can make life so much easier. GET/POST methods have always confused me and by me having to use them I now understand them a little more. I learned how to scrape data with java (I did it with python in the past).

What's next for BillBoard

Next I am determined to find a way to link a mp3 file or youtube link to the #1 song for the specified genre. It'll be convenient for the user in cases they never heard the top song before. I would also like to add more chart options and genre options in the future

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