Whenever we hangout with friends or fetch some grocery for roommates, we have trouble figuring out how much should each of us pay, and trouble keeping track of who payed and who did not..
That's why we developed Board, a bill-splitting app that make this process 10x better for everyone.

Bill splitting at your fingertips

Venmo integration

Pay and get payment from Facebook friends who use this app instantly. 10s signup for everyone and ease forever.



When you buy supply for roommates, or split meals and gas with guys that you are on road trip with, there's a group of people you split any fare with. Do with our app: simply add people by easily tapping and searching, then input number. Groups will stay on list and you can save a lot more effort later.


Visibility maximized

Who paid and who did not is synchronized instantly across the entire group. One glimpse and you can know how much you still owe, or people still owe you.


How we built it

Board is built with cutting-edge open-source technologies. From iPhone to cloud server, we leverage Swift, Node.js, and MongoDB to build our gorgeous app and robust RESTful API. Since we use JavaScript objects for both our data store and our communication protocol, we cranked out prototypes at an exceedingly fast pace and was able to finish most of Board on time.

Challenges we ran into

Most of the frameworks we used in Board are completely new to us. It took a while for us to get to know all the caveats. And there's been some difficult decisions when designing the app too, it took a while for us to decide which design is best.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It's gorgeous, it's neat and it works. Bill-spliting is now 10x faster: we use it like right away. Splitting gas from Champaign to Ann Arbor, splitting last evening's meal, in just few taps; everyone gets notification and pay with simple steps, then money goes instantly to tab picker's account.

What we learned

Wear more. Rent car in advance.

What's next for Board

What about integrating web payment for unregistered user who wants to split bill together? What about an Android app? There are a lot more improvements we can do while keeping bill-splitting experience simple and straight-forward.

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