We had very little bit of experience working with Android application development before HackRice, but the challenge presented by really interested us. Their push to design for IOT devices seemed like an interesting opportunity to do both this weekend.

What it does

Using the Java API Library, the app queries an MFA before giving access to the endpoints of the major workflows. The app is able to both send vendor payments (payables) and request invoices from customers (receivables).

How we built it

We worked primarily with Android Studio (Java) to develop the app.

Challenges we ran into

With very little experience in the platform, we ran into many challenges. The primary challenges we had to overcome were getting the ADB connected to the Android Watch, learning to read data from input fields to pass MFA authentications, and running into null pointer issues in trying to keep track of the active customer / vendor in each of the workflows.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Demoing an application! Getting past most of the major setbacks and delivering a project that satisfies our initial goals has been a great experience.

What we learned

Lots of Android Studio interfacing, ADB, and that the Fossil Smart Watches are incredibly stylish and comfortable (not sponsored! Unless...)

What's next for Bill To Go: A WearOS App

Adding features to dynamically update invoice and bill lists, as well as to dynamically store new customers/vendors as they are loaded.

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