When we go out as a large party and the bill isn't split, it becomes total chaos trying to calculate everyone's cost. This app hopes to solve this social issue so we can focus more on having fun!

What it does

User will add the items on the bill and then choose how to distribute each item. The app will calculate each individual's cost Advanced features include: uneven distribution, tax and tip calculation, and a super cool drag and drop interface.

How we built it

Used github as SCM Used Android Studio as the IDE Started will a UI mockup and UML diagram. Implemented the back end logic and provide API calls to the front end

Challenges we ran into

Limited Time Lack of knowledge in Android development Unfamiliar with Marshmallow sdk School work and commitment = lack of sleep

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A working app with most of the intended features

What we learned

Android development UI development

What's next for Bill-Splitter

Better error handling Quantity of items UI improvements Reedit items and people added Polish up the advanced features

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