With foreign grandparents flying to America to visit relatives, we realized that they often struggle with layovers due to language barriers. In order to improve theirs and many others' travel experiences, we built Bilingual Buddy.

What it does

Bilingual Buddy pairs a translator to those that need translations through a web based application that can be incorporated in the screens of each American Airlines plane seat, so those that need translations could arrange for help before landing. It allow those with language barriers get to their next layover gate fast and efficiently while awarding the translator as well.

How we built it

Bilingual Buddy is built using JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python, Google Cloud API, and Firebase. Using the American Airlines API, we were able to get airline travel information for layover flights. We leveraged Google Cloud API in order to provide dynamic language translations within the web-app.

Challenges we ran into

We originally had an idea at first, but the app had already been made. Therefore, we had to pivot and adapt halfway through building our project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

For most of our group, it was our first hackathon. We were able to go from merely just an idea to a full blown viable product at the end of 24 hours. Overall, a very fun experience!

What we learned

We appreciated learning certain aspects of Firebase and Google Cloud API that allowed us to have a dynamic backend experience for the user. Finally, we learned the art of dividing and conquering and simply working together within a small team.

What's next for Bilingual Buddy

Next steps for Bilingual Buddy is deployment on your next American Airlines flight.

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