Biky Overview

Nicolas, Diana and Angela -a software developer, a designer and a physician who are also cyclists- are concerned with air pollution because is linked to premature death, respiratory diseases and heart problems. To tackle the problem they created Biky; an android app to promote the use of bicycles as an alternative way of transportation. Biky wants to improve air quality, encourage a healthy lifestyle, and decrease diseases caused by air pollution. Everybody everywhere is involved, no matter nationality, gender or ethnicity. Biky allows you to create your route, plan it accordingly to the weather, share it with your friends, establish community bonds, discover bike-friendly places and keep your health data updated (integrated with Google Fit) In conclusion, Biky integrates alternative transportation, physical activity and community-building to tackle air contamination and promote a healthy lifestyle.

What is biky?

• Mobile android app to create and share your bike rides, hangout with other bikers and discover bike-friendly places • Culturally competent. English-Spanish • Decrease health disparities • Advocates for health equity, diversity, and sustainable environment

Biky addresses the following environmental health objectives:

• EH-2 Increase use of alternative modes of transportation for work • EH-2.1Increase trips to work made by bicycling. • EH-3.1Reduce the risk of adverse health effects caused by mobile sources of airborne toxics


• Improves air quality by promoting the use of bikes • Promotes a healthy lifestyle • Decreases diseases linked to air pollution and sedentarism in a long-term period


• All-around-the world Bikers, • Biker-friendly places, • Anyone interested in biking no matter nationality, gender or ethnicity


• All around the world • English and Spanish-speaking countries • Places around the world with a high use of bikes and/or extensive bike paths.


• It requires a smartphone, tablet-or similar devices- and a WiFi service


• Integrates social networking, biking and ride-sharing to tackle air contamination • Makes your commute time fun and healthy • Advocates for health equity and a sustainable environment through a community-building strategy

Design / Tech Features

• User-friendly app. Just the data you need • Works with open data -OpenStreetMap- • Weather forecasts for your rides • Customized and suggested routes available

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