A classic speed indicator (tacho) is over designed for city driving plus is not connected to any device.

What it does

Biketrax is a super simple tracker dongle that is permanently attached to the bike, so you never miss on tracking your city rides. It is powered by solar and/or the dynamo. It tracks speed, acceleration and gps, and transfers this data to your phone via Bluetooth in the end of your ride.

The data can additionally be used by government and/or companies to e.g. get info about road conditions, traffic on certain roads, paths..

Biketrax can also lead to a competition in between bikers.

How I built it

We are going to use arduinos and mobile apps, additionally a backend to save the data in the cloud.

Challenges I ran into

None yet, need to start hacking first:)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

None yet, but there is gonna be a looooooot!

What I learned

We gonna have fun for sure!!

What's next for biketrax

Join us if u are an app developer and or backend developer!

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