We are cyclists who are tired of having to take out our phones every time just to navigate through the road. Therefore we decided to take it upon ourselves to solve this problem for all the cyclists around us.

What it does

Therefore, we decided to create an application which allows us to set and find the path to a destination just by using the Pebble smartwatch. This revolutionary application allows us to bike and navigate safer, faster, and easier. It also promotes environment friendly commuting and assists environmentally-aware members of the community.

How we built it

The mechanism behind the application uses javascript, google locations API, google maps API, google directions API, and Pebble javascript API, which allows the application to have a very steady and smooth operation while it computes the future paths for us.

Challenges we ran into

For most of us, it was our first time working with javascript and google APIs, hence it was quite difficult for us to figure out its mechanism and then to apply it right away. We are mainly programmers with strong background in C programming language, and therefore it was very difficult yet necessary for us to switch to javascript.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Voice recognition system from the Pebble API which allows us to set the destination without having to type, which is what makes this application so useful. Full use of the Pebble API including displaying building custom interfaces. Navigation information display based on Google Maps Path.

What we learned

Technical skills with use of APIs and programming for wearable device have different functionality and limitations compared to mobile phones. Javascript and a slew of Google APIs, as well as advanced customization features through the pebble API.

What's next for BikeNav

We would like to implement additional functionality such as alternate route suggestions, detour, view map option, and other classes. We would also like to allow the user to choose whether to act as a bicycle pedestrian or as a traffic cyclist. Possibly moving onto other devices of the same family. Also, CarNav coming in 2017.

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