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Children riding their bikes at night are in danger of getting hit by drivers that don't see them. Up until now all ways to be visible to drivers are seen as uncool by children. I saw the need for a product that children wouldn't have a problem using while also keeping them safe at night. Hot Wheels keeps kids safe by lighting up their bikes while looking cool at the same time.

What it does / How it works

It flashes patterns on the wheels of a bike. This allows a child to feel cool while remaining safe while riding their bikes at night

How I built it

I mounted an Arduino and battery pack on the wheel of a bike. I then built a small circuit that lights the LEDs up off the Arduino's pins. Then I mounted the LEDs onto the wheel of the bike.

Challenges I ran into

Mostly finding the correct hardware. I had to find a micro-controller that was small enough to fit between the spokes of a bike. Also I had to find an LED strip that was able to be powered off of a micro-controller. I didn't have enough time to order one so I ended up having to build my own.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am most proud of building a hardware hack in 24 hours. I don't have any experience nuilding hardware so being able to build a circuit and attach hardware to a device was a new experience that I am glad to have.

What I learned

I learned that I should spend more time seeing if something exists before trying to build it myself. I didn't spend long looking for a working LED strip and instead spent a bunch of time building one. If I had spent a little more time researching and finding a proper LED strip I could have had more time to building the rest of the project. Also a prebuilt LED strip would probably work much better than mine.

What's next for Hot Wheels

2 things are next for Hot Wheels. First, I want to find an LED strip that is able to be powered off of my Arduino. It needs to be brighter than the current LEDS I have also. Second, I need to make the LEDs shine at different brightnessess so I can print out different patterns while the wheels are spinning.

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