Electric cars and autonomous vehicles are really cool and are drastically reducing collisions. We applied this to bicycles with safety and convenience tech add-ons. It enables bikers to be aware of every object and potential accident around them and guides them with a directional robotic arm.

What it does

It alerts the biker of vehicles and pedestrians around it with computer vision and ultrasound. A robotic arm also points in the direction you need to go.

How we built it

We used machine learning object detection techniques and our own speed approximation algorithm. We created a robotic arm with 2 joints that can pick things up.

Challenges we ran into

Making model more robust and fast, robotic arm raspberry pi connecting.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Detecting motion behind and playing an alarm! Robotic arm is really cool. Computer vision!!!

What we learned

Raspberry pi, laser cutting, openCV

What's next for BikeHero

Improving our algorithms for better speed and object detection, connecting robotic arm with google maps

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