The art of recovering stolen bikes is a very real phenomenon. Fixie gangs in downtown Oakland are constantly on the hunt for people riding stolen bikes, and Craigslist is riddled with postings of people offering rewards for their stolen bikes. It certainly makes sense to offer a reward, or "put out a bounty," if the bike you lost was worth several thousand dollars.

My past company was a biking hardware startup named Helios. We raised $XXX,XXX in funding and were featured in The New York Times, CNN, TIME, Wall Street Journal, and more. Through my experiences with Helios, I learned first-hand about local biking communities and how they operate. I also learned how big of a problem stolen bikes are.

What it does

BikeBounty is an online community app that allows people to report their stolen bikes and offer a reward for their return. Many seasoned bikers keep an eye out for stolen bikes and have developed various techniques for retrieving them. Some involve intimidation, some a more sincere appeal to emotion. BikeBounty helps these "bounty hunters" stay up to date with the latest stolen bikes in their city.

How I built it

I used Ionic, AngularJS, Node.JS, and IBM's LoopBack framework. LoopBack generated my REST API, and it saved me alot of time after I learned how to use it. My whole database / backend is supported by IBM's LoopBack. This is certainly an IBM tool that I will be using in all my future projects.

Challenges I ran into

Learning IBM's LoopBack, but thanks to the hackathon mentors, I got past this hurdle quickly.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm one person and I did all the design, graphics, frontend, backend, and linking it all up. The app is fully operational and the frontend is connected to the backend.

What I learned

How useful IBM LoopBack is!

What's next for BikeBounty™

Expanding the app to being a bounty app for other niche's-- such as a Lost Dog app !!!


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