Idea State: 1. What product should be built? A product for the bikers to navigate effectively using projection laser. The product connects with the smartphone via Bluetooth and can be charged using micro USB. The product has a universal elastic mount which fits all bikes.

2. What purpose does the product serve? The product is all about improving biker’s navigation experience. As a biker it’s difficult for me to look at the mounted mobile phone on the bike and ride. Sometimes I don’t pay attention to the voice commands from the GPS. I get carried away and miss my turn. With Bike Projection System(BPS), your commute will be quick and easy. BPS is a smart device with built in laser, Bluetooth, micro USB charging slot and laser projector. The device connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth where the user enters his destination address for his commute. Click navigate and never look at the phone. The mobile application calculates the most efficient bike route to the user’s destination and then converts the route information into directions. Each direction is associated with an image. The respective images are projected on the road using laser while navigating. Think of this like a video game where the directions are being projected on the road as you as you drive.

3. Why will a consumer buy it? BPS is using laser projection and Bluetooth with minimal hardware elements. The device uses the phones GPS for navigation information which cuts down the cost. Low power Bluetooth and single color laser will ensure extended battery life. The rider sees directions displayed in front of him rather than acknowledging coded lights or vibrations or voice commands which help navigate with ease. Other riders in the traffic can adapt to the biker’s movements as they can look at his directions being projected on road which increases coordination between low speed riders and high speed riders. The laser is visible during the day and night which enables bikers to commute hands free without any distractions. The device can be charged which eliminates battery cost.

4. How is it different? The current market products for navigation for bikers aren’t that great. There are products which use lights, voice and vibrational feedback as a medium for navigation. All these require the rider to pay attention to the device while driving. These aren’t effective as the biker might deviate his attention from the road while looking at the device, understanding GPS voice commands or interpreting vibrational feedback. BPS solves all these issues. The rider need not pay attention to the device. He can look at the road and ride as usual. When the BPS displays a direction on the road, he can navigate accordingly. Up to 2 systems can be connected to the smartphone at a time. The user can mount one in the front and another on the back of his bike. Mounting a unit on the back of his bike will help the traffic know about the biker’s movement. The biker need not use his hands for direction which improves his riding experience.

Product Concept Stage: 1. How will the product be built? The device consists of • Bluetooth to transfer information from the phone to the device • Micro-controller to decode data received from the Bluetooth • Flash storage to store the laser images to be projected • Battery to power the unit • Charger slot to charge the device • Laser projector to project the images on the road • Battery indicator to indicate the amount of charge left • Distance indicator to indicate the percentage of commute travelled

The user mounts the device on his bike, powers it ON, sets the device in pairing mode, pairs it to his smartphone, sets his destination address and clicks navigate.

The most efficient bike path is calculated by the application and the directions are translated into commands which are understood by BPS. The commands are sent to the connected devices over Bluetooth. The received commands are decoded and the respective image for that direction is projected on the road using the laser projection system.

The battery tank and distance meter LED’s on the BPS displays the charge left and distance travelled by the user respectively.

  1. What is the product design? ( ( ( ( ( The green bar on the module indicates the distance covered and the red bar indicates the battery status. The button on the top is used to set the module in the pairing mode. Long press toggles ON/OFF. The directions are projected on the road using the laser projection system.

  2. What is the user interface? The user interface consists of the following: • Mobile application • Status indicators for battery and distance covered • Surface on which the laser is projected • The laser projector projects the standard traffic signs during navigation. The user commutes from point A to B using those signs. The signs are updated in real time by coordinating with the mobile application over Bluetooth.

  3. What variations should it have? The BPS can be sold in 3 variants featuring a red, green and a blue laser. The user can buy laser directions image pack and update his standard direction signs. The application can be further extended to support user created images for directions.

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