We like fighting with tools. Our ancestors fought with sticks and stones and fire, and today, we have a new tool: technology. It is this attitude that we bring to Bike.OS, an unusual idea that lets you turn your average bicycle into an intelligent vehicle.

With CO2 emissions at an all-time high, intelligent people chose greener transportation methods, and bicycles are the most popular and economical choice by far. Sadly, newer and smarter cars roll out everyday, but bicycles have basically been the same for the last few decades.

This is why we took matters into our own hands and give you the opportunity to upgrade your own bike.

What it does

When you're cycling outside and you feel like the tires are a little flat, you shouldn't have to stop and check them yourself. Just ask Bike.OS.

And when it's getting dark, you shouldn't have to fumble around for the bike-light switch. Bike.OS takes care of that.

When it's starting to feel cold, you shouldn't have to pull out your smartphone to check the weather forecast. Just tap on a little LED display on your bike, and it will tell you what The Weather Channel thinks.

If you're a college student like I am, then you're probably also worried about leaving your bike unattended overnight in a cold, dark place. Well, don't. Bike.OS will switch to low-power mode and silently monitor your bicycle. If it looks like it's in trouble, Bike.OS will alert you immediately.

In short, we want to incorporate the following features in Bike.OS:

-Speedometer / Odometer -Tire pressure sensing -Bike-light control -Weather updates -Theft protection

How we will build it

We use the Particle Photon micro-controller, which is an extremely lightweight but also extremely powerful C++ prototyping device. It has a built-in wireless module that lets it send data anywhere on the planet, and can be connected to a large number of sensors that allow us to acquire motion, temperature, ambiance and GPS data.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are a team of passionate inventors and tech-enthusiasts. In Spring 2016, one of us won the IoT Design Showcase for creating a smart glove that lets you text by flexing your fingers. One of us designed an obstacle-avoiding robot. One of us started a company!

What we learned

We learned that great things don't happen overnight. We've learned that it's never as simple as it seems, and it's never just ONE BUG.

What's next for Bike.OS

We're always committed to improving our design, and we welcome suggestions!

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