As a fitness enthusiast I look for innovative and interesting ways to keep up with my calorie goals. Recently, I learned that riding motorcycles actually helps users in burning a considerable amount of calories. A person of average weight and height on average looses around 120 calories while driving in a car, whereas the number of calories almost doubles to about 200 calories while riding a motorcycle. I personally enjoy riding because of the sense of freedom I feel when I ride, but the additional calorie burnout is definitely

How it works

It measures actigraphy data from the Jawbone UP and interprets it intelligently to calories burnt. The app also provides a calorie burning calculator with a bar graph showing you the intensity and effort required to complete those tasks. The intensity values are computed by leveraging the values provided by JawBone and a custom intensity algorithm that was built by fitting a linear regression model.

Challenges I ran into

Interfacing with JawBone and developing a sound manner of analyzing the data was a little challenging.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I defined a new custom endpoint in the JawBone Up for the motorcycle riding. and defined a new metric using MET values to calculate calories burnt while riding a motorcycle.

What I learned

Riding Motorcycles is great exercise.

What's next for Bike Fit

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