During a bike trip with friends, we realize it was really hard to communicate with one another as we were biking up the mountains. It was especially difficult when our cells lost connection cause the lack of reception.

How it works

You and your buddies just install the app, one of the phones with the app will host the networking through the internet. Don't worry, even in the mountains, where there is no reception you'll still be able to connect with your buddies.

Challenges I ran into

During the beginning of the hack-a-thon we were unfortunate enough to be put in a room with no internet, and no way to create our repository or start researching. We couldn't receive any internet until it was midnight. We were already exhausted trying to figure out how to fix our Wi-fi issue and already lacked a lot of sleep.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We haven't worked with android and especially with locations. It was pretty awesome being able to run around and able to get back our locations.

What I learned

Bring our own router and Wi-fi, lol. We mainly took too much time trying to fix our internet than the actual project.

What's next for Bike Buds

We plan to put a better GUI and use the program for our own self and maybe for others to use. :)

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