Bike! is an application that looks and works like clasic cycle computer. It presents following features:

  • your current speed,
  • distance (dst),
  • average speed (avg),
  • average tendency (up, down or midle),
  • maximum speed,
  • ride time,
  • altitude,
  • and total distance. All data is taken from your phone's GPS.

You can attach it to your bike and get full classic cycle computer experience (screen will stay on all the time), or keep it on your wrist.

  1. Accuracy depends only on data from your phone's GPS. To get best results and strongest signal use this application only outside.
  2. Application does not go into sleep mode, the screen will be always on.

Upcoming features in next versions:

  • google maps tracking
  • Heart Rate Moniton (right after api will allow)
  • mph support

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