The origins of biif

While playing with your Nintendo Wii, have you ever found yourself thinking:

"If only there were a game that I could play and not be severely limited by solely using the Wiimote."

"This would be a lot better if it were an IDE."

"By golly, I wish I were incrementing an instruction pointer right now!"

"I bet this game wasn't written entirely in C and therefore sucks beyond measure."

The re-veal

If you answered yes to at least one or none of the above, do we have a treat for you! Biif (pronounced "beef") is a brainfuck interpreter entirely controlled by the Wiimote, providing hours upon hours of solitary, masochistic fun - real programmers program in only the most esoteric of programming languages!

What's at steak

Notable features include:

  • Written in C, not some amateur language like Java, PHP, or Python; when you bike on the high road, it's time to lose the training wheels
  • Text-only interface; true programmers avoid GUIs like the plague
  • Silent failure and/or undefined behavior on edge conditions; we can't be losing precious frames per second to "error-checking" and "memory safety"
  • Exclusively operated by the Wiimote, adding complexity and fast pace of play to an already rich, technical metagame

Built With

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