The name of our project is “Big Red Transit” You probably can guess what we do just by knowing our name.

Take a guess

Many of the new incoming cornell students like us are having trouble navigating themselves in Ithaca. We tried to find navigations on Google Map, no public transportation information of Ithaca exists; We tried the mobile app 14850, it has way too many extra features that confuses me, and the interface just need some serious work; We also tried TCAT’s official website (it’s the local company that runs the bus service), it has 10 different tabs that essentially does the same thing, navigate the users inside ithaca.

So we thought why can’t we just build a app that simply takes in 2 inputs, start location and end location, and return the possible bus routes and time they should be taken. That’s why we are here.

We actually spent half of our time cleaning up the data provided us, instead of building the website, because we think the integritiy of data(providing correct navigtation instruction) is the core of this application. As we go further into development, we found out that’s data is just not good enough for us. Therefore we wrote our own script to parse TCAT website, and grabbed much more valuable data from them.

We are here to introduce you A demo is more than a thousand words, please take a look at this.

Like what I said, 2 inputs, and a list of outputs.

Please vote for us. Please also sign up for our mailing list, we are going to continue working on this and make it a better application for the Ithaca community.

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