Discord Bot created at Big Red Hacks 2018 AVAILABLE FUNCTIONS: Fortune Teller/ Magic 8 Bot: User asks the question for a command. Returns a random result depending on the users command, Could be a fortune, or could be an answer to their question. Once that's done, we can choose to spice it up if we want to.

Coin flipper and die roller: Returns a random value, either Heads or Tails, or a random face on a die.

Quickmath: Generates a simple random addition problem. The first one getting it receives recognition.

IN-PROGRESS: Time till: Calculate time from a given date to current date.

We are freshmen from RIT. BigRed Hacks is our first hackathon. We sat down together and learned how to create a Discord Bot from scratch. The Bot currently is very simple and will be improved more later on.

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