Maps, heatmaps, and mobile versions of NYC datasets. Get updates with our data feeds, embed the maps in your site, and tap the data with our open API.   Restaurant Health Inspections Department of Health's inspections across 5 boroughs, since January 2008 (22,440+ restaurants). Map - Heatmap - Mobile   SCOUT 311 Reports NYC SCOUT inspectors send reports of observed conditions to the 311 system, since January 2008. Map - Heatmap - Mobile   Historic Sites All of New York City's registered historic sites. Map - Heatmap - Mobile   Toxic Pollution NYC's toxic pollution emission sources from the EPA. Map - Heatmap - Mobile   Bridge Safety Structural integrity of all of New York City's bridges inspected by Dot's FHWA Program. Map - Heatmap - Mobile   Public Schools New York City's schools with student teacher ratios from Dept of Education. Map - Heatmap - Mobile   Your Mapper Platform Data Feeds - Available below each map. RSS, KML, CSV, XML. Open API - Tap area datasets, details, map markers, and more. Embed Maps -  maps directly into your site.   More Maps For this project, we focused on just two maps, and 4 national dataset maps, for 6 total. Once the data is formatted into the OMG Standard, it would be easy to add much of the other data from the NYC Data Mine, including city events, parking facilities, property values, building permits, points of interest, trees, and crime reports (when available). Each would have their own interactive map, heatmaps, and mobile app, and can be embedded into your site. Take a look at maps that are available in New York in our parent site, and to see how to tap all the data with our API.

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