What is the problem about Food during this Covid-19 Crisis? There may be shortages in food supply and ambiguity in food demand due to lockdowns. If the isolation period prolongs over months there can be shortages of some food. Some vegetables, fruits and grains cannot be planted for the next year because of social distancing is necessary for farmers. Some ingredients cannot be transported from local producers to other countries because the borders are closed. Food stocks should be planned carefully in this disaster. Otherwise food will be a serious problem along with virus disease health issues. In the coming months, local authorities, food producers, big companies and governments will require data. In normal times they use their own data and projection tools in order to plan the food demand properly and distribute evenly. But this is a crisis that the world had not been experienced before. Everything can fall into chaos. Supply chain might be disrupted. Demand routines might change abruptly. Chaos in food supply might cause serious destruction. Therefore accurate predictions are essential keys to handle this disaster.

What it does

If we count what we have in every individual fridge, then we will be able to know the big data of all available food stock. BigFridge is an app where individuals can contribute to the macro planning of food supply by providing information of what they have in their own household stocks and what they will need in the coming months. When all food stock is gathered in the BigFridge’s pool, Big Data is provided to food producers, big grocery chains and local governments.

Business Model Canvas


Key Partners in Food Production and Supply: (and/or)

i)Big Grocery Chains ii)Online Grocery Companies iii)Food Producers

Motivated by optimization in operations and stock control. Improvement in profit margins due to reduction in waste with prepaid orders.

Key Partners in Planning of Food Supply: (and/or)

i)Local Government Authorotiries ii) Agriculture Departments and Bureaus iii) Ministry of Food & Agriculture

Motivated by better coordination due to reduction of risk in food supply chain.

Key Partner in Data Analytics:

i) A reliable and trustworthy data analytics company in order to share data.

Motivated by the acquisition of particular data resources gathered by the app from the activities and personal information provided by BigFridge users.


i) Building and promoting an online medium (eg. ios/android mobile apps) for the users in order them to provide the data of their household food stocks.

ii) Making agreements with Big Grocery Chains and Online Grocery Markets about the gifts and discounts that they are going to offer to BigFridge Users.

iii) Organizing of the gathered raw data according to the partner Data Analytics Company’s requirements.


i) Creative designs and ideas are important in order to build this brand new mobile app. Our young and creative team members are the key resource.

ii) Strategic partneships and coloborations among food business circles is at the heart of this model. Our mentors and advisers are industry experts having +60 years experience totally.


VP for Users:

i) Being a part of the solution for the possible problems in Food Supply Chain.

ii) Receiving discounts, giftcards and paychecks for grocery shopping.

iii) Access to healthy meal recipes that can be prepared with the existing goods in the fridge.

VP for Food Poducers and Grocery Markets:

i) Prepaid orders provide win-win for consumers as well as food producers and big grocery stores. Producers will be able to plan their production better.

ii) If supply chain is planned according to accurate demand projections there will be less food to be wasted.

Characteristics: Newness, Convenience, Accessibility, Design, Customization, Cost Reduction, Risk Reduction


BigFridge is positioned as a novel domestic mobile brand which provides some benefits and have fun when using it.

Therefore it is important to keep the online product of BigFridge always updated, attractive and functional by continuous flow of fresh content on easy cooking, healthy recipes, kitchen tips, food hygiene, etc.

Giftcards, paychecks, discounts and delightful surprises will be waiting for loyal users and BigFridge will soon become a love mark.


The channel of the main business activity for user interface are Mobile Apps (ios/android). Promoting the mobile apps to reach as many young ypeople as possible will be held by digital and conventional marketting tools. Getting the support of local authorities and governments for promotion campaigns as well as cooperating with local communities and food banks are important in order to spread the usege of the apps. BigFridge is planned to be a part of the daily kitchen and grocery shopping routines of individual users.


Young generation are the target customers while every person with a mobile phone who is willing to download an app can use BigFridge. It is so easy to use but there is a limitation in terms of place: It can only be used at home, in the kitchen. The user should look in the fridge and write down what is there, check the lists on the app, take photos of the food. When the weekly task is complete, the user receives a QR code and views the gifts. Although these activities are all simple and fun, people over 50 of age are generally not prone to use such apps.

There are more than 1.2 billion households worldwide. The number of total population under the age 25 is more than 3 billion. We target 1% of these households to use this app, which is 12 million users. During this quarantine times, we expect the young members of the families will adopt this new app and contribute big food data while winning.


BigFridge is value driven rather than costs. The requiriments for fixed costs are almost negligible and all the workers are paid in certain percentages of the income. Therefore they have to create revenue in order to be paid well.

Variable costs are due to digital marketting and promoting activities. All the operational activities are held within a cost sensitive perspective. No offices, no luxirius utilities. Costs like hosting and cloud storage are afforded by foundations supporting startups.


BigtFridge app is free to use. No payment or fee is expected from the user. Similarly nothing is charged to partner Grocery Chains while they are expected to offer discounts, giftcards and paychecks frequently to loyal users while sponsorship supports are all welcome from partner companies.

When data of food stocks of the users are gathered, big data is provided to food producers, big grocery chains and local governments within the partnership of a data analytics company.

The customers of the partner data analytics company who are willing to pay are going to be the main source of income. Tehrefore the price or value of the collected data as a resource is going to be dynamic and depends on the negotiations according to current market circumstances.



Sophomore in Electrical and Electronics Eng. Bogazici University / QuID for Developers Certificate – ETH Zürich / Applied AI Certificate – inzva (Sanctuary of the Turkish Hacker Community) / Cyber Security Certificate – BUSIBER / Excelled in Python and Linux /


Koc High School Junior / Google Science Fair 2019 Regional Finalist with ‘The Woof Project’ / MIT Research Science Institute Summer Program 2020, Candidate in the national short list / Awards and honors in national math contests / Studying to be a mathematician, composer, cartoonist and filmmaker.


First year in Robert College, RC24 / IDTech Camps in Game Design and Development, Stanford Campus, 2018 / He builds web sites and apps, wants to be a gamer

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