There are so many images taken with any kind of devices including IP cameras and Narrative clips, but none of them are searchable.

What it does

The BigBrother-hood brings the concept of being able to discover content produced by all these monitoring and logging devices.

How I built it

Using PHP scripts for indexing the and the Narrative APIs, then tagging with the Imagga and EyeVision APIs and finally processing the tags, generating tag-clouds and search boxes and visualizing the results in Imagga Norris.

Challenges I ran into

Timeouts and empty responses with some of the APIs.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Indexing a lot of data (~1000 cameras and ~5000 narrative frames)
  • Tagging using Imagga and Eyeem
  • Tag cloud generation using Wordcloud2.js
  • Funny homepage design and brand
  • Being an all-nighter

What I learned

Using new APIs

What's next for BigBrother-hood

  • Continuous indexing
  • Notifications subscription
  • Deeper linking in the Narrative web app

Built With

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