Nika and I have spent most of our lives watching our younger siblings grow up and learn about the world around them. Looking at current trends, many children are growing up to be more tech-savvy and with a hunger for knowledge. Last year, we completed a project for our Communications class that centered around gamification within education. We took what we learned from that report and applied it in our hack. With the themes given for CUNY 2021, we brainstormed an idea to create a web app that encourages and allows kids to expand their worldly knowledge.

What it does

Our web app introduces children from the ages of 5 to 10 to important worldly topics in a simplified, attractive and entertaining way. Our web app covers topics such as technology, health, environment and finance.

How I built it

We used Figma to create our prototype and exported the HTML and CSS using a plug-in called Bannerify. We further added Javascript and more HTML to bring it to life!

Challenges I ran into

As a relatively small team, our biggest challenge was trying to accomplish everything we planned in a short amount of time. We did not get a chance to host our website, but hope to do so in the future!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are so proud of our design. We spent a great time selecting accessibility friendly colors and making sure our fonts are easy to read. In addition to that, we spent a lot of time finding/creating icons and badges that fit our ‘jungle’ theme. Overall, we spent a lot of time designing the visual appeal of this app in order to cater to its audience!

What I learned

This was Nika’s first time using Figma, and she was able to learn how to use the application’s features and tools to create a beautiful and seamless prototype. Both of us also wireframed our concept before designing, which taught us how to use and organize wireframe elements.

What's next for bigbrainz

We'd like to incorporate more categories and levels, more accessibility features, responsiveness, and the ability to compete with other players around the world.

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