This bot is for the Big Brothers Big Sisters Cape Hackathon


We wanted to build a piece of software that everyone could access. We decided the best way to reach the entire demographic of Big Brothers Big Sisters is through a Facebook messenger bot.

How it works

Users just begin talking to the bot and they are immediately given the option to sign up and become a biggie. They are guided through a robust application process that is both easy to use but also gives the BBBS organization the information they need for recruits. Once an application has been filled out, the user is then matched to the nearest BBBS chapter and then sent to a Calendly page where they can schedule their interview.

Ever changing information

We understand that with the thousands of participants in the BBBS organization, contact information must be able to be updated. Our bot allows users to change their information in realtime meaning that they will always be able to be contacted through various means such as Facebook Messenger, email, and phone. When information is changed, it is immediately updated in the BBBS recruit spreadsheet.

Group communication

We understand that for the BBBS program to successfully function, biggies, littles, and parents must be able to communicate together. That is why we integrated chat rooms within our app that allow the three parties to communicate plus allow for BBBS oversight and intervention if needed.


Not only does our app allow applicants to schedule their meetings with the BBBS organization, users will also get alerted when group events are added to the BBBS Google Calendar. Multiple calendars can be synced to Google Calendar providing a consolidated place for all BBBS events to live.

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