We want to build something fun, which involved lot of learning and chainlink hackathon are definetly a great platform to do that which provides us amazing learning experience.

What it does

This is chainlink vrf based game inspired by Big bang theory. In this game we have to choose one character either penny or sheldon. We have some attributes defined on basis of their reel world characteristics which are randomly generate by chainlink vrf. If the randomly generated value of attributes such as emphatic, toleration , socialskils and extrovert of sheldon is less than the randomly generated attributes of penny and attributes such as nerdy and organised of sheldon is greater that that of penny then sheldon count will be increased by one, if not then penny count will be increased by one. If the player chooses sheldon and sheldon count is more then penny count then he/she will win.

How we built it

We used chainlink vrf to generate random attributes. we have deployed metadata of character to filecoin using which is a free remote pinning service. For doing this we have written the automation script in hardhat task to generate metadata file and deployed it to filecoin. we also minted them as NFT and render them on opensea.

Challenges we ran into

writing the task to deploy metadata, the chainlink workshop helped us a lot to resolve this

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have successfully deployed it to

What we learned

We learned about, hardhat task, chainlink vrf. Although we have not used any API and price feeds but we learned about them and built some small projects using them

What's next for BigBangTheory Game

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