We wanted to learn a new technology (ReactJS/React Native) and build a useful tool.

What it does

Using a mobile device's current GPS position, it identifies restaurants within a user-specified radius. Users can swipe left or right on nearby restaurants for "matching", and further narrow down where to eat!

How we built it

We built a RESTful API using Django that calls the Yelp Fusion and Google APIs for nearby restaurants and their meta-data using a client's current GPS location. This response of a bunch of restaurant is sent back to the client, who can then choose which restaurants he or she is interested in!

Challenges we ran into

Everything involving the react front end.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The Django back end, the API calls, the swiping feature, the styling.

What we learned

How hard React is to learn, how scary JavaScript is, how terrifying math rounding is in JavaScript for floating point numbers.

What's next for Big Tuna

Integrate Spark, integrate search terms, integrate iOS!

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