Big Thanks encourages more residents to do volunteer jobs in their free time.

According to In 2015, volunteers in San Mateo contributed over 83 thousand hours of service, saving the local government nearly 2 million dollars. What if we could triple this in the next year and save so much more money?

  • I have created a system to provide incentive to residents for volunteering using a credit system
  • These credits can be used to earn discounts from local businesses and buy surplus items from the county
  • My system has a mobile client + web client, as well as a server-side database
  1. User can locate volunteer openings using the mobile or web client. They can also see a map of nearby volunteer locations(using Esri map)
  2. They can also get more details and signup using this client
  3. Once they are finished volunteering, the organizer will validate the hours and credits for them.
  4. After they have accumulated enough credits, users can use the credits to buy things such as discounts at local stores, surplus items from the county, etc.
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