With the increasing rate of development and advancement for automation, it would be irresponsible to not consider the social impacts. We would like to present the idea of Universal Basic Income, raising awareness and advocating this as a universal solution for the future.

What it does

Our website brings awareness to Universal Basic Income through dynamic responsive surveys and crowd sourced video campaigns. Ultimately, our mission is to provide real time data for evidence based decision making for UBI policy formation.

How we built it

With a large group, we created specialization groups: API, Front End, and Backend/Survey Design before coming together for the final product.

Challenges we ran into/What we learned

Connecting domain name to cloud server, collaboration between front and back ends, git remotes

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning from other teams and each others, new frameworks, tools, and techniques.

What's next for Big Scary Idea

Many ideas! Videos page, expand the resources page, make the video campaign viral, connect the survey results to the API for more dynamic D3, create a distribution list, create a master listing of advocates... definitely more to come!

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