We didn't sleep last night lol. None of us knew how to make a web server or use HTML/Javascript, and the entirety of the start of our project was confusion and constant calls to the tutors for asking about how to do the most basic of things. There was a lot of reading online tutorials and screwing around with python (which 2 of us had never coded in and the other 2 hadn't coded in over a year and a half) and a lot of debugging. Even though it was stressful and our product doesn't achieve what we hoped it would, we learned a lot and had a lot of fun (mostly). It was an exhausting and enlightening experience that I will remember (probably not treasure) for a while.

We were a bunch of random ass people who met together and had no idea what we were doing. We had a random plan that seemed like a great idea but pretty much no way of accomplishing it. Despite all the hurdles and difficulties we faced, we tried our best and managed to make something lmao.

Hope you enjoy our print statements!!

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