Challenge 1: Market Reach


The ability to offer businesses a means of gathering data to analyze and determine whether their current advertising strategies are effective; while at the same time providing a means for new and current customers to earn some rewards and view current promotions if they had not seen them.

How it works

Users are presented with a list of current promotions and a list of surveys to complete. Upon completion of a survey, users receive coupons to be used on goods and services from the business. Users will be alerted when they are in the vicinity of a business that is currently offering deals that are listed in the application. Promotions are listed for a specific time, after which they will be provided with a spreadsheet of the data gathered from the completed surveys.

Challenges we ran into

How to make the user friendly; getting a fully functional app within the time constraint; problem connecting to online database from within the android app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to adjust and adapt our plans to over come the challenges. Completing a functional prototype

What we learned

We learned to appreciate the different skills of each team member.

What's next for Big Deal$

Continue to develop the app as a multi-platform application and be the best app in this category on the market.

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