Big City Hits is an iOS utility app that allows users to review many of the events in New York City. The application leverages NY Times reviews and connects users to the MTA Trip Planner for navigation using MTA bus, subway, and rails.

I've always thought of NYC MTA as the critical infrastructure which makes life in the big city happen. Like the actual MTA does with city life, this application integrates transit information in a very subtle but extremely useful way.

In iOS programming the objective of each program is to develop something that is useful. Big City Hits accomplishes that task by providing New York City Sights and Sounds at the users fingertips. To aid users interested in "trying before they buy" I've included NYTimes Reviews of just about anything the user can think of...

Tap or type and if it's happening in NY you will likely find a review from the times. Placing the MTA component into the application allows users to find public transit information between points. I really enjoyed building this application and I plan to expand on the MTA integration going forward as there are many opportunities for helping city residents and visitors.

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