Create fun for everyone amid difficult times. We wanted to set a challenge to ourselves by making a challenging and yet addictive videogame.

What it does

The mechanics are simple: you have one mission, provide customer satisfaction! You will receive pizza orders and will have to prepare them as they were requested. No more, no less. Oh! Don't make clients wait too long!

How we built it

Big Caesars Pizza was entirely developed using Python as the main programming language and taking advantage of its cross-platform set of modules Pygame.

Challenges we ran into

We set ourselves the challenge to do our first game ever using Pygame for this hackathon. We learned and increased our knowledge as we went through the project. We faced many challenges, mainly algorithmic, but we found turnarounds that helped us achieve our goal. And of course, we had to run against time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We barely knew anything about game-development on the morning of Friday. We challenged ourselves to make a game from scratch and we did it while learning tons of knowledge on the road. Now we have created our first game ever!

What we learned

Aside from all the technical knowledge that we gained, we have learned that team-working is the key of coding.

What's next for Big Caesars Pizza: Employee Simulator

Many things await Big Caesars Pizza... more is yet to come.

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