We want to still have money but not freeze to death in our flat.

What it does


Like any totalitarian regime, the watchful eyes and sensors of Big Brother will force you to save energy. Big Brother knows when you are home and when you are asleep, and controls the heating according to that. He also reads outside temperature, adjusts itself to that, and makes sure that you don't pay too much but still enjoy the warmth and comfort of central heating.

How we built it

Big Brother's user interface was built using android studio, with node.js running his inner workings on Dragonboard 410c. The heating system is controlled by Big Brother using Arduino. Outside weather data is retrieved from OpenWeatherMap API.

Challenges we ran into

Our inexperience with Dragonboard and bad wifi.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Because of us, Big Brother lives and watches your heating.

What we learned

Firebase is a good way to start your project and node.js is a very versatile platform. And some hackathons don't give out free redbull

What's next for Big Brother Heating

World domination of the heating sector... oh and notifications

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