I was inspired by a fellow Hackathoner to make a game similar to the classic 2d platformer, Super Mario Brothers. A lot of people waste time playing video games instead of studying, so why not combine the two?

Big Brain Run allows people to play a Mario Bros style game while

This program was built with Javascript

An updating computer greatly limited the time I spent on this project. Even though I am sure I set it to update in the middle of the night, it for some reason chose to start updating during lunch, and I lost 8 hours. Now, I just have a very basic platformer with only the beginnings of the educational elements that I was about to put in.

I'm proud that I was able to simulate gravity and momentum on the game.

I learned that planning ahead of time is a very good thing to do. When I woke up today, I wrote psuedo script for the rest of my code which I wasn't finished with. Although I didn't finish it, I went a lot faster than I did yesterday.

I am planning to expand on Big Brain Run, and implement the features that I actually intended to put in, such as spikes, scrolling, enemies, and questions to appear when activating certain game mechanics.

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