As college students with little money, we all love to have free food and go out having fun with friends. But most of the sponsor companies only spam your email boxes with "serious info secession". So I figure it would be cool to develop an Android Social Event App that is based on location of users.

What it does

Big Belly is an Android App act like a small social network that’s bound by the location of the user with a specific range that can be set by the user. Users of the application can input data about an event that include location, time, and other optional attributes to a list that generated by the users of the app so they can easily share the events’ information with each other.

How I built it

I used Android development and integrate with Google Map api both 2D and 3D to set up the marker and maps. Then I use FireBase to authorize Google Account login. Users are able to push data through "Big Belly" into Firebase real time database. Other users will be able to see it real time. AWS backs up data from Firebase when there is a change. Target API locates the nearest Target near user's current location. And I was able to build a optimal routing based on real time traffic, distance and speed limit. Then I present the route in blue color.

Challenges I ran into

  1. Google Map doesn't support having 3D Map Marker.
  2. Creating a optimal route between two locations is super difficult.
  3. Trying to use different APIs is actually pretty hard.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Solo programming "Big Belly" entire MHack and it came out exactly what I wanted it. And I'm proud of myself to be able to integrate different APIs into "Big Belly". ;)

What I learned

Hackathon is awesome, as long as you are focus and keep trying. Eventually, you end up with something cool.

What's next for Big Belly

  1. Figure out floor plans so I can have a real 3D map and markers.
  2. Maybe add social chat or check in service so the social experience with friends/strangers will be better. A great way to meet people who share similar interests.
  3. Then maybe integrate data analyst skill that asks for users' permission to access their email account and texts. Using natural language skill and neural net to figure the meaning of different email and texts. Then the app will automatically make posts based on those information so users don't have to manually post events anymore.
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