I always wondered that how i can utilize the power of BI to create a service which can help business organizations who use Jira. I am inspired by the dream that we provide such a user experience that it seems like you are connected to private Jira database using any BI Tool. The user interface of BI tool (acts as front end) in which you can create dynamic and real time Dashboards in a quick manner.

What it does

Our service provide the power to create dynamic reports using any BI tool on data generated from API provided by Jira, Tempo, Team work and Pivotal Tracker. Our service works in real time instead of periodic dumping of data from sources. Once connected to bievery, you can configure Jira details and a database name. In that database you can create as many data sets (tables) as you want by using different Jira APIs. After selecting jira fields, you can give a name to table and save it. Now you are ready to use BI tools and connect to our service. BI tool acts as your interface and different BI tools have different powers which means you can use our service with front end choices of any BI tool.

How I built it

I built it using mariadb. I developed two novel algorithms. One that converts any JSON to relational form. Other is at mariadb level which is our trade secret.

Challenges I ran into

Generic programming is not that easy. I am proud of building this solution.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

My dream has come true and my product is online. It is stable and i am still harnessing its power.

What I learned

I learned that ideas evolve. Initially I started with finance formula analysis in BI tool. I tried to pitch it and got suggestions which resulted in finding superset and Jira side of it.

What's next for bievery

Generation of report by combining data from multiple Jira instances, and to integrate Trello, Basecamp, Versionone and Redmine API's and many more.

Built With

  • jiraapi
  • mariadb
  • superset
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