BidVerse: an online platform that allows employers to bid on contractors’ time.


The current industry standard when hiring a contractor for a project is to publish a listing, then request that contractors submit bids and battle to offer the lowest price.

This incentivizes contractors to work for as cheap as possible in order to get the job.

That in turn encourages cheaper and lower quality work, while diminishing a contractor’s value for their time.

We wanted a solution to help contractors get paid fairly, and to help employers get the best work possible!

What it does

Bidverse is an online platform where employers can bid on contractors’ time. This allows contractors to get the best worth out of their time, and encourages good work rather than cheap work.

How we built it

Challenges we ran into

  • Creating a GraphQL API was challenging
  • Using .env files to connect to the database was hard
  • React state and routing was also difficult
  • Learning Dart syntax in a weekend took a lot of work

What we learned

  • Ethan created his first mobile app 🥳
  • Jacob and Ben created their first RedwoodJS website 🥳
  • Ben created his first GraphQL API 🥳
  • Jason used AWS for the first time 🥳
  • Ethan used Netlify for the first time 🥳
  • Ethan setup a Cloud SQL database for the first time 🥳
  • We created our first Reveal.JS presentation for a hackathon 🥳

Learning was our biggest priority at AngelHacks!

What's next for BidVerse

  • We are going to look into hosting the our database on Netlify so we can take advantages of internal networking
  • We are going to redesign our logo and brand image
  • We are gonna eat some pizza and watch some basketball 🍕🏀
  • We are going to implement higher level state management into our app for easier scalability

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