1-The problem your project solves

--Corona Virus affected industrial electrial, mechanical and civil good suppliers like exporters, distributors, retailers.

--Sales and Purchasing People are all under quarantina, trying to work from home.

--But factories still working to manufacture goods especially our basic living needs.

--There are miscommunication between sides. It is hard to reach stock products.

--Traditionol method of purchasing duration is not working now to keep manufacturing on going

--And what is worse, they know about digitalization but not expecting in a short period of time.

2-The solution you bring to the table (including technical details, architecture, tools used)

--Teamgantt gantt charted MVC pattern based php laravel project uses blockchain secured data by Blocco360

3-What you have done during the weekend

--Profile updates, brand management at backend, design revisions at frontend

4-The solution’s impact to the crisis

--In the end, customer will reach faster quotation with brands included real time stock info to make the right decision.

--Our main accomplishment is Positive feedbacks received from customers and suppliers.

--In the next step There are thousends of brands, millions of products and factories around the globe related with this area.

5-The necessities in order to continue the project

--Investment and contacts

6-The value of your solution(s) after the crisis

--To keep guiding suppliers and customers in purchasing and sales activities for digitalization,

--To support them with online outsource purchasing algorithm, co-purchasing, profiles,

--To create a big secured hashed price list in all countries and organize distributors co-operating with big sized brands

--Our goal is to analyse data with customers and suppliers activities after all as well. Big data and AI.

--On a long term the site will enhance the digital transition for the targeted industry and business sectors, implementing the European Commission strategies and policies regarding transition to digital technology.

7-The URL to the prototype [Github, Website,...]


8-The URL to the pitchvideo (Required)


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