The future of checkout happens in the real world, so why not use augmented reality computer vision to turn the real world into an open bidding engine - where anything you see can be bought and "collected"?

What it does

It's an AR app platform that lets you buy anything you see in reality - with Rapyd checkout


Fostering a new kind of infinite commerce of collectibles inspired by NFTs, but not depending on crypto, Bid Reality lets you virtually pay to own and collect anything you see in real life.

Simply tap any object in reality to create a bounding cube, two finger scale to resize it. Tap the Shopping Cart button to prompt the bid screen.

Enter your bid. Press the blue bid button to checkout!

As seen on the checkbox when you go back to the app's AR view, now you own that object!

How we built it

The app is primarily written in Unity C#. To augment in reality, we use Unity ARFoundation with ARKit for iOS and ARCore for Android. Once your object is paid, we use Azure Spatial Anchors for persistency, so the app is also available on Hololens.

Challenges we ran into

I at first did not know to flip the switch to sandbox rather than production - so my API keys were not working for quite some time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A last minute hacky entry for a trip to Lisbon!

What we learned

This is one of those ecommerce dev platform's that start you off with production access keys instead of sandbox!

What's next for Bid Reality

The current version lets you bid to own multiple times. This does mean there does not have the element of scarcity. Feature coming soon!

Try it out

It is a bit of a last minute hack, so we do not have time for Testflight. Just sideload it!

The Xcode project is included for you to build on your own iOS device as well as the Android .apk and UWP hololens project

Currently, the portion that generates the checkout_token is hosted temporarily on my LAMP server with several other projects. (Please be kind.)

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