Our team was inspired by the artist Kensuke Koike's viral youtube video featuring real-world bifurcating image compression using paper and a paper punch.

What it does

BICSED takes a user-uploaded image and overlays a grid of arrays over it, periodically cutting out miniature squares formed by the grid and pasting them back together to form a custom-pixelated image.

How we built it

We built BICSED through the use of arrays and many experiments with limiting the array and selecting the proper squares using an algorithm. The frontend design was custom-made through Photoshop and converted to code and matched to the layout wireframes using NetBeans. The backend code was then incorporated with the frontend code through NetBeans.

Challenges we ran into

Our most frustrating challenge was when our backend coder Daniel had to work for hours through many, many bugs involving the image save option and the multiple-choice functions of the game by himself because the majority of us have limited experience with using Java. Another initial challenge was figuring out how exactly to collaboratively code in a group, but we managed to swap code primitively through USBs and shared Google Doc files.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are the most proud of the amount of programming skills we've learned throughout the process and we are ecstatic that we finished implementing our original goals and the challenges we came up with (the game initially only existed as an alternative idea for what the BIC could be used for).

What we learned

Daniel learned how to use JFrame, JSwing, and multiple ways of styling a program through Java by experimenting with and implementing our goals. Asmita learned the basics of Java through demonstrations and mini-lessons by Emily, Emily learned how to be more efficient while using Photoshop and was able to learn more about other programs that host code and practice swing JSwing and JAwt. Stephanie learned how to code using graphics and the basics of using JFrame.

What's next for BICSED

BICSED hopes to learn how to host their image online and if BICSED ever becomes more than a prototype, to have a library that automatically generates and randomizes options and images for the game function.

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