The bicycle is a clean means of transport. In some countries, the people are scared to use a bicycle because they feel alone, I want to help them to create a community.

Benefits of Bicycling:

You’ll protect the climate and environment.

It’ll save you a ton of money.

It’s good for your health!

You can skip the traffic headache.


What it does

Send alert to others cyclists. When you send the alert, you can activate the ALERT MODE and the cyclists can subscribe to your alert for help you out, the subscribers can see your position in the map and get push notification updates for the alert.

Add, filter and get points of interest for cyclist in a radius.

Get PUSH NOTIFICATIONS with special discounts when you arrive by bike.

Add, delete and get reminders, when the conditions of the reminder are satisfied you can receive a NOTIFICATION.

How I built it

Android Studio IDE.

Android Design Support Library for Material Design.

Aloha Technology for location, time and user behavior data.

Parse Backend with Push Notification.

Facebook Login.

Google Maps.

Picasso, Retrofit y OkHttp Http Client.

Dagger2 y Butterknife injection dependency.

What's next for BiCity Social Cyclist Map & Alerts

Add offers with In-App Purchase.

Update user profile.

Forgot Password for Email Authentication.

More types of place.

And More!

Built With

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