Number of bikers around the world and the potential it carries to save the environment one pedal at a time.

What it does

Charge devices while biking and tracks distance covered, calories burned, amount of electricity generated to calculate carbon footprint reduced.

How we built it

Our app and bike add on will allow you to charge your device while biking. The bike add-on consists of magnets that you mount around the wheel of the bike, and around the upper part of the bike you mount a coiled wire. When the wheel spins, the change in magnetic flux in the coil induces electric current. By connecting the system to the Bicicletta mobile application, you will not only be able to charge your devices, but you will also be able to determine the distance covered, your average speed, the calories burned, the energy transmitted to your device, and the carbon footprint reduced. Through a goals and rewards system, people are encouraged to bike the most and save the planet at the same time by reducing their carbon footprint.

Challenges we ran into

Finding enough magnets to prototype and coiling the wire properly around our wheel prototype. Also learning about communication protocols.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building a prototype device which generates electricity by turning a wheel, figuring out a system to record revolutions per second using a hall sensor unit connected to an Arduino and having a working application linked to the device.

What we learned

How to prototype with the resources available. Build mobile apps and use Bluetooth low energy to communicate between different devices.

What's next for Bicicletta

We plan to develop an easy to install, and low-cost version of our prototype for different bike tire sizes, and optimizing for maximum energy generation by using custom built magnets and further the application and the Arduino code so that the tracking works well. The application will also incorporate social challenges to make the users enticed to use the app. We intend to implement the devices on campus and later expand them around the world.

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