Inspiration 💡

We wanted to learn something new and as we have joined the gym recently, we thought of creating something which relates to both the things and that's the reason we thought of creating and learning about Bicep Curls Rep Counter

What it does ❓

It counts the valid Bicep Curls by detecting the angle between your shoulder-elbow and elbow-wrist. If you are doing the bicep curl properly then it increments the rep count.

How we built it 💻

We built this using mediapipe, numpy and opencv libraries in Python. The entire project was built in Jupyter Notebook.

Accomplishments that we're proud of ✅

We are proud that we were able to learn something new this weekend and build something related to the fitness track.

What we learned 📖

We learned a lot about the mediapipe package, earlier we had learned a bit about the numpy and opencv package but mediapipe was completely new to us.

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